Premiere :)

„Laila Salome Fischer läuft zur Hochform auf“ – Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung

„Als Konstanze konnte die Sängerin Laila Salome Fischer gewonnen werden. Sie ist stimmlich dann am stärksten, wenn sie ihre Trauer über ihre Trennung von Belmonte zum Ausdruck bringt. Furchtlos meistert sie höchste Lagen, die an Mozarts Königin der Nacht und ihre Rachearie aus der Zauberflöte erinnern. Man leidet mit ihr und hofft auf einen glücklichen Ausgang.“ Lausitzer Rundschau

© Marlis Kross


Next week I’m going to make my debut as Konstanze! I’m so happy and excited to rehearse with such a wonderful company! All informations about the productions, tickets etc you’ll find HERE . 12512293_451325065073267_7880871120440663605_n

Dream Dress


I made my first experience in a movie. I’m the opera singer in Karoline Herfurth’s first movie SMS FÜR DICH. It was a great day and I’m happy to be part of such a wonderful production.

For this movie I got a new dress. Designed by Lisy Christl. A dream in red! 🙂


Queen of the night


Tonight I’ll sing Queen of the night. It’s great to see my friends and colleagues again.
To sing queen of the night means: To have a lot of time just waiting. And then singing a high f. And again waiting. Some more f’s. Waiting. Final. End.

It’s not the most difficult part to sing, but this time just sitting around is a challenge. Not to loose your power and energy. To stay in the character.
But I love challenges. I really enjoy singing and being the Queen of the night and to play her everytime a bit different…

It’s time again…

image1 2

This week, the rehearsals have started for a new season of our Alcina production in Cottbus. I’m so grateful to be part of this wonderful cast, I’m grateful that I worked with the amazing Sam Brown and I’m hoping that we’ll meet again very soon.

Rehearsals can be very hard, as you can see on my pictures 😉


The next performance will be next saturday and before I’ll sing the queen of the night with my good friends from Theater Neustrelitz! Let’s have some fun together!

xxx Laila